About the Show

Co-Hosts for Voice of Literacy: Dr. Betsy Baker, Dr. Candace Kuby & Dr. Sarah Vander Zanden

The co-hosts share a passion for literacy research. Disseminating current literacy research to teachers, parents, administrators, and policy makers as well as researchers will open up dialogue and generate understanding from many perspectives.

Dr. Candace Kuby is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri. Her scholarship focuses on: 1) critical, inventive, hybrid, and multimodal literacies and 2) innovative qualitative research methodologies. Candace is the author of Critical literacy in the early childhood classroom: Unpacking histories, unlearning privilege (2013) with Teachers College Press and co-editor of Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry: Possibilities and Tensions in Educational Research (2014) with Peter Lang. Journals in which her scholarship appear include: International Journal for Qualitative Studies in Education; Young Children; Journal of Early Childhood Literacy; and Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice.

Dr. Sarah Vander Zanden is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Northern Iowa. Her scholarship focuses on critical literacy, multimodal discourse analysis, literacy teacher education, and formative assessment. Sarah is the Director of the Reading Clinic at UNI and has published articles in Language Arts, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, and Critical Literacies among others.

Voice of Literacy began in 2008 by Dr. Betsy Baker at the University of Missouri. Watch the video to learn of her vision for starting Voice of Literacy.

Listen to bi-weekly podcasts of interviews with literacy researchers as they discuss the implications of their research.

Join the online discussions of the podcasts. Create a dialog between researchers, teachers, parents, principals, and policymakers.

New podcasts are posted on 1st and 3rd Mondays from September – April.

In collaboration with the editors of Reading Research Quarterly and the Journal of Literacy Research, the hosts ask researchers to explain the following:
- How did you get interested in your topic?
- How does your research help teachers?
- How does your research help parents?
- How does your research inform policymakers?

You are invited to listen to the podcasts and join online discussions in the following ways:
- Teachers can use them for professional “reading” and discussion groups
- Teachers can pass along pertinent podcasts to parents and principals
- Parents can use them to learn what research says about supporting children’s reading and writing development
- Policymakers can use them to find out policy implications from the most current research
- Journalists can use them to understand a topic and report current research findings
- Professors can use them to introduce to students a topic and assigned readings
- Professors can play the podcasts during class or assign them for homework
- Professors can engage students in face-to-face discussions, online discussions for their course (e.g., Blackboard), or let students participate in the online discussions available on the podcast web site
- College students can use them to “get up to speed” on current research in reading, writing, and literacy

We welcome your feedback. Email Dr. Betsy Baker (bakere@missouri.edu), Dr. Kuby (kubyc@missouri.edu), or Dr. Vander Zanden (sarah.vanderz@uni.edu) or leave a voice mail (573-882-4831).


Drs. Baker, Kuby and Vander Zanden